Home Business Website Promotion Techniques – Attracting Targeted Traffic to Your Home Business Site!

Apart from the regular home business marketing & web site promotion strategies that you adopt to get traffic to your home business website, here are some very smart innovative business marketing tips & web site promotion techniques that can increase the traffic to your website significantly without much effort on your part.  

1. Organizing a free contest  can draw a lot of traffic to your home business website. First you should publicise the contest by:

  • Submitting your contest to hundreds of web sites that carry listings of free contests .
  • Blog about this contest.
  • Twitter this contest to your followers.
  • Send messages about these to your friends / groups  in social sites like Facebook, MySpace, zenzuu, viral networks etc.
  • Broadcast press releases about your contest.

2. Ask participants to subscribe to your list to get the updates on the progress of the contest & winners. This will get them to receive your offers/ products/ services from your home business by email.   

3. Next the prizes /gifts announced should be related to your target audience ‘s requirements. This will boost up the interest to participate in the contest.  Always offer more than one prize, something like a grand prize  followed by runner-up prizes.   

4. Add your bonus products or services as runner up prizes.   

5. Promote your website by ensuring your prizes have genuine value otherwise the whole marketing effort can back fire. You will get negative publicity than good exposure for your business. All these activities apart from increasing your website traffic will elevate your image and reputation as an expert / experienced internet marketer.    

6. Give clear information about all the prizes, so people will be interested in entering the contest. Do not write to mislead  people with any vague information . This can have a bad impact on your home based business in the long run.  

7. Make the process to enter the contest on your home business website simple. The easiest way could be to ask the participants to enter an entry form directly on your Web site or by e-mail.  

8. Try to capture as much as relevant info. as you can when they enter your contest like: First / Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Day/Evening Phone Number, E-mail Address, Web Site / Blog Address etc.

9. Give your contest page a professional look and feel. Create an “Official Rules” Web page for this contest on your home business website.

10. Do mention the time period of how long your contest will be run. Tell visitors how you will be sending out the prizes. 

11. Display pictures of the proposed prizes on your home based business website. 

12. Get some well known names in your home business industry to judge the contest .

The whole process of organizing the contest could take about a week -10 days to plan and set up but could give you potentially a lot more eyeballs, credibility , better visibility on the search engines, more members to your home based business list and hence more sales.

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